Make up revolution lip kits, lipsticks and liquid lipsticks


I recently purchased two of the brand new make up revolution retro luxe matte lip kit in the shades grande and reign, I absolutley loved them the feeling when they were applied was smooth and not sticky, when they dried matte it wasnt drying on the lips and at £6 each they were an amazing buy. As I am a massive massive make up revolution fan it got a thumbs up from me my only pick with this product is that I wish in my local superdrug they had testers of the colours as the colour is not what I would usually go for but im still a huge fan of the product and the fact they have different shades to chose from is a huge bonus :)…….                                              

Left: in the shade grande.                                Right: in the shade reign  Lucinda



I also purchased two of the make up revolution lipsticks in shades reckless and rebel with a cause. I absolutley rave about these lipsticks all the time they are just amazing and last for hours with maybe 1 occasional touch up now you cant really ask for much more from a lipstick that costs only £1 and has the colour pay off and lasts as long as it does. I would always reccomend this product to my friends and family with out a doubt. Huge huge make up revolution fan just keep bringing out them amazing products :)…….


A while ago my nan bought me the set of make up revolution 6 liquid lipsticks and they are amazing. Im not sure how much they cost as it was a while ago and they were a gift but im sure they would absolutley be worth the price. There are six different shades and I think that there is a shade for every occasion although there are a couple of colours I wouldnt normally go for I found when I put them on I could actually rock them so thats always a possitive start. The consistency is very smooth they dont get sticky or too dry when they go matte they feel almost velvety and have a very strong colour pay off,  as I said before there is a shade for every look wether its an evening or just a natural make up day you could totally rock it with these little beauties make up revolution bravo :)……….



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