review on BOURJOIS PARIS matte liquid lipsticks 

I recently purchased the bourjois Paris matte liquid lipsticks Rouge Edition Velvet collection. I must say I absolutely love these lipsticks they are amazing I would even go as far to say they are as good as the Kylie Jenner ones….. 

 the collection has various shades of colour ranging from reds to punk and nudes with purple tones aswell so there is something for everyone and every skin tone…..

The feel when is goes on your lips is very velvety which is a huge positive as I find sometimes matte lipsticks dry your lips our when they have dried on your lips and nobody likes that look. I have used a lot of the bourjois Paris make up and can 100% say this product is up there with the greatest….

As you can see it doesn’t dry out your lips and makes them look velvety smooth….

They also have an extra 2 liquid lipsticks in the collection which only have a hint of colour for those days you just want a sheer tint, they also suit all skin tones….

Overall I would 100% reccomend these liquid lipsticks so give it them a try today……


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