My T.K Max Haul

I visited T.K Max for the first time today  with my best friend Lucinda( check out her blog here and picked up some absolute bargains which I am so excited to try. I purchased some new Too Faced products and some ISABELLA SCOTT SYDNEY make up brushes. I have always wanted to try the Too Faced make up range as I have seen a lot of my favorite YouTube make up artists using them and am super excited to do a make up look using my new purchases.

The first product I picked up was the Too Faced 3 way lash lining tool as it looked different to any other liquid liner I have ever used and of course its from the Too Faced range so I just had to try it. I purchased it for £5.99 and in debahams it sells for £18.00 so it was a serious bargain.The next product I picked up was the Too Faced Bulletproof 24 hour eyeliner in the shade purple rain as I loved how sparkley it was and the fact you can used it as an eyeliner, a cream eyeshadow or an eyeshadow base is a bonus itvalso has a smudger on the end of the pencil so its easy to smoke it out. I paid £5.99 and it debahams it sells for £19.00 so yet another bargain. The final Too Faced product I bought was the Too Faced Melted Metal Liqified Metallic Lipstick in the shade Dream House. I would usually choose this colour but as it was Too Faced and such a bargain I had to buy it. I paid £5.99 for it and it debahams its £19.00 so I got all 3 products for the usual price of 1 which is amazing.

I also picked up the set of ISABELLA SCOTT SYDNEY Smokey Eye Brush Set because the packaging was so cute and they look and feel such good qaulity, and also I needed some new eye make up brushes so I thought bonus set of 3 brushes why not. I paid £3.99 which in itself for brushes that quality is a huge bargain, they feel really soft so I am super excited to do a look with them.

My final purchase was a Multitasking Face Brush from Brush Works which just looked like amazing quality and was really cheap for the fact its a multitask brush so you can used it for a number of things. The brush is supersoft and has a pretty purple handle so I’m super excited to give it a go. I paid £3.99 for it which is so cheap as it feels exactly the same as the Real Techniques brush.

Overall I had such a good start experience shopping in T.K Max they have amazing quality labels for such cheap prices and the staff are super friendly will 100% be going back soon….


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