Soeco Make Up Brush Haul

I was in my local Boyce’s store the other day, if you haven’t heard of it its just a giant store with pretty much everything for really cheap prices and came across the Soeco Makeup Brush collection. I have always wanted to try these brushes as they are eco friendly and cruelty free which is a massive bonus. I did some research and the face brush set that I got usually retails for £15 in most shops and the finishing brush I got usually retails for £7-£8 in most shops. But I got a complete bargain as I got the face brush set for £6.99 and the finishing brush for £3.99 so to buy both sets cost me less then the face brush set would cost on its own amazing….

I still haven’t tried these brushes yet as I would like to do a makeup look with them but they are super soft and I think its super cute how they come with a little bag So you can keep them safe whilst travelling. If you have heard of the Boyce’s store please go and check it out they are amazing if not I’m sure there are many other stores that well branded makeup brushes at cheap prices…..


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