Sparkley smokey eye glam look

I created this look today and thought I would share it with you all and give you some hints and tips on how to achieve this glam sparkley smokey eye with a bold lip….

As I used a lot of different eyeshadows to create this look my main advice would be to apply your eye make up before your face make up as it will save any fall out and also save you having to reapply any of your base make up…

I used a NO7 eyeshadow palette that I got ages ago for a gift as I hadn’t used it before and was actually really impressed with how pigmented the shadows were and how easily they blended. I then used just a matte brown to blend through the crease and into my outer corners. Then for the fun part was adding the sparkley champagne shade from my NO7 palette that really gave the look that pop of colour….

As this was a glam look I went heavy on the contour and highlight because well why not, who doesn’t want there face to shine bright like a diamond….

Then the finishing touch was a bold red lip, originally I was going to go for a nude lip but then thought as my eyes wern’t to dark a bright bold lip would add that extra glam….

I hope everybody loves this look and can find some inspiration in it……


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